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Exercise Safety Tips for Sports Training

For those of you who play sports in the fall, you know it’s not too early to start your sports training even though it’s only the beginning of June! Hard work and dedication are great when it comes to training … Read More

Rockville, MD Chiropractor Incorporates TRX & MedX Training

Advanced Spine & Wellness Center, located in Rockville, now has TRX and MedX equipment to help their clients with symptoms ranging from back pain and sciatica to spinal weakness, improper posture, and more.   MedX equipment: Advanced Spine & Wellness … Read More

Fitness & Health Events in Rockville

Into the health scene? If you live in the Rockville, Maryland area, there are a wide range of fitness activities and sports you can enjoy in the upcoming months. From beach body classes to bocce ball, these health events cover … Read More

Fun Exercise Tips: Make Your Workouts More Exciting

Let’s face it, exercising can be boring and sometimes you have no motivation to do it (other than you know it’s healthy and you should be doing it!). It can be difficult to get up and work out on a … Read More

Back Injuries in Baseball

It’s baseball season again – time for stadium hot dogs, homeruns and cheering crowds! For all you athletes, you know how enjoyable sports can be, but you also know how critical it is to avoid back injuries. One back injury … Read More